2019 Vivid Sydney at YUKIS

The weeks of Vivid Sydney

From Opening night on the 24th of May and every Friday during Vivid - 31st of May, 7th and 14th of June, we will have a party with a DJ during Vivid.

Vivid Sydney Menu

Yukis Vivid 4 Course

Selection of Appetisers
Sushi and Sahimi Assortment
Wagyu Beef Paper Hot Pot
Dessert of the Day

2 sittings per evening

Enjoy 4 course meal on the rest of the Vivid period

1st sitting arrive between 6 and 6.30 pm and out by 8 pm $78 per person
2nd sitting arrive between 8 and 8.30 pm and out by 11 pm $88 per person

Book through the Fork on line or call Yukis on 9252-8600